Maemo YouTUBE (0.1.2)

    You can find here a beta version of myTube.

    mYTube, stands for Maemo YouTUBE. 
    An youtube browsing/downloading/playing application.
    It makes use of youtube-dl and mplayer and provides
    a gtk based gui to browse/watch/store videos.


A mplayer with better playback/seek suppor for flv will be there soon check here

Click here to install this application or in case of failure here are the packages needed: go to the project's files page remember the dependencies (you can find others easily here): python2.5 python-hildon python-gdata python-gtk mplayer 24 i've found that version 24 of mplayer works better with flv than 25 or 26

Some screenshots

startup "page"
listing a category or searching a string
show details for a video
download has started, after 300KB saved mplayer will start

some black theme screenshots

hmmm ... there is something wrong

go here then and report some bugs or add some feature requests
developed by Iancu Mihai